The Spawn's Killing Zone
The Spawn's Killing Zone by nanoSpawn

Grey stone Gothic castle with a good layout and better than average connectivity and flow. There are some nice features such as the basement which is well modelled, the caged stairwell and the courtyard. The item choice and placement could do with some tweaking, all the best goodies are in the flooded basement which is good because you can hear someone going for them, but it also means you can scoop up the rocket, red armour and haste. If you go in with the personal teleporter already in hand you are definitely going to make it out, but even without it you stand a good chance. With two rockets and no rail the games turn into a bit of a rocket fest. Might have been better with just the red armour and a Rail Gun in the basement. Bots have minor problems on some of the spawn points.

A worthwhile download especially if you like rockets.

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (8 votes)

Download: The Spawn's Killing Zone by nanoSpawn