The Spawn's Killing Zone
The Spawn's Killing Zone by nanoSpawn
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anonymous unregistered
#4   11 Oct 2000
nice thingy

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z3fyrus unregistered
#3   11 Oct 2000
<i>nice thingy<i>

played and approved

aside from the things noted above

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Auhsan unregistered
#2   05 Oct 2000
good map, good gameplay, average aesthetics...

but the greatest thing is out of order lift. Incredible good idea! Originality! U can stuck in front of that sign of out of order and sey "WoW!" for hours =)

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Deathmonger unregistered
#1   05 Oct 2000
Indeed a good level, altough I just like it, the gameflow and conectivity are great, maybe aesthetics is its weak point. Nevermind here is my vote:

Playability: 7

Aesthetics: 5

Out if Order sign: -10

(You'll know what I talk about when you've downloaded)


Endsumme: 6.5

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