The Spawn's Killing Zone
Title : The Spawn's Killing Zone
Filename : map-spwn3dm1.pk3
Author : JosÚ Miguel Alcazar AKA Spawn
E-mail Address : **email removed**
Created : march-april 2000

Description : Quake 3 Arena PK3

An old town what was destroyed by war is used
so that the Vadrigar can enjoy the gladiator's
games. It has a little route at the sewers.
It┤s an ideal level for 1-to-1 (tournament),
but as any Quake level does, it's funnier
as more gladiators fight in. 2-4 players recommended.

Additional Credits to : id Software, of course, for creating
the best deathmatch experience yet!
And again, id software. Are you humans?
I'm not sure... Maybe the Vadrigar live in Texas...

Llorens for helping me test the level, and test, and test...
Deathmonger for uploading it to internet and help me test.
Vur for making possible that 10 gladiators fight in there!
And Auhsan for tell me so sincerely: "This level is a crap!". And test...
And you for reading this instead be playing Quake. Go frag!!!

And finally, Dennis Edwards and Olivia Newton-John: your
"Don't look any further" rules! In loving memory to you, Dennis.

Know Bugs : Yes, some polygons dissapear, I probably could fix that by change a bit
the level, but its affects a lot the playability, and I have not a
workaround :(. But it's hard to see that, if you look for bugs, you'll see it,
anyway you will not be affected during gameplay.
The other bug is the author. There aren't a known workaround yet



Game : Quake 3 Arena
Player Respawn Points : 9
Bot Support : Yes
New Graphics : 1 texture
New Sounds : No
New Demos : No


Free For All : Yes
Team Deathmatch : No
Tournament : Yes
Capture The Flag : No


Simply place this PK3 file into Q3A's "baseq3" folder, then run
the game and you'll be able to select this level from the level
selection screen. But I recommend to put all the PK3'ed levels
you have in a folder called "custom" or anything you want and
then start the game with the parm "+set fs_game custom".
It's better, sure.


Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant 1.0 Build 197


Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this PK3 file in any electronic format
(Internet, BBS, Diskette, CD-ROM, etc) as long as neither its
contents nor this text file are modified, and give me credit.
You CANNOT sell this level with or without my conformity.
Remember, the Quake Community is a free Community.