Arenaholica by Bushboy

A large level with huge open spaces. The choice of simple Gothic textures and the subtle use of curves work well together to create a well finished and satisfying aesthetic. The 450 odd hours of work have really paid off in producing a professional looking level. Layout is almost symmetrical with three main open areas where power-ups are spawned. FFA game play is pretty good although you will need at least 5 players to get this map cooking. The level is much better suited to team games. There are also a series of *wind* tunnels that quickly move you from one area to another. Personaly, I'm pretty ambivalent about pinball transportation but Tigger reckons its a nice alternative to teleports, and fun :] Bots play pretty good but they are not big on the wind tunnels either. Low end PC's may encounter a drop in frame rate around some of the open areas.

A nice big level, great for a mid to large LANs.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (17 votes)

Download: Arenaholica by Bushboy