Arenaholica by Bushboy
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#6   24 Aug 2000
Cool map. It has a nice clean look.

I thought the wind tunnels were cool, although I heard a slight farting sound when the last bounce pad sends you up and you enter the quad room. I'm not sure but were you trying to trigger a sound file or something? If you are, it seems the sound file is either missing from the pk3 or you had a spelling error while trying to assign it in the trigger speaker entity window. Something is going on there - I'm not sure what.

The map has a nice layout and is fairly connected in that it doesn't really take that long to get around the map.

Kudos on the custom texture and md3 set.

Also, don't worry too much about bots using the wind tunnels - for some reason on my map I can't get them to use a particular teleporter - besides, they seem fine. (plus it gives you an edge if yer really into fraggin bots)

A very well done map.

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bushboy unregistered
#5   21 Aug 2000
Thanks for the comments !

The bots behave strangely in this level, sometimes they hog the regen area, other times the quad area - I have no idea why ?

Getting them to use the wind-tunnels proved impossible, as there is such a huge drop in the entrances that their AI coding must prevent them from taking what looks like a suicidal drop.

Placing item_botroam entities in the drop chute and around it messed up the bot flow in the rest of the level and they still didn't use the tunnels.

There's a lot of t-junction cracking that is only really visible when low-quality sky is set - I now know what causes this.

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unitool unregistered
#4   21 Aug 2000
It's good looking, and a lot of fun to play, even if you don't have a huge load of bots, or a lan.

I'm a fan of sneaking around, getting the occasional frag, and this map offers lots of chances for that type of thing. If you decide you want more action, you can head for the quad room, and go nuts.

Lots of fun for everyone!

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shrapnol unregistered
#3   20 Aug 2000
sweeet as they get man more

Q3A maps should be like this one

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RedFive unregistered
#2   20 Aug 2000
I'm not usually into large maps such as this but when they're well made their more than worth the look. This one is not too huge the way Archipelago is for example, but merely roomy. And the big Q that give +5 health is a very nice touch. The only problem is having people enough to populate this map can put quite a strain on a lesser system (like mine). The same would happen with a dozen or more bots. But in any case, I give this well made map an 8.
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Octovus unregistered
#1   20 Aug 2000
No comments yet? Kinda strange.

Well, I liked it. The layout, however, was very much centred on the Quad room, notably as all the Wind Tunnels I could find led straight to it. Also, the RL and the +5 health Blue Quake Symbol (if you've played the map, you know what I mean, and that symbol is very kwl btw) are all nearby. It's certainly where the bots hang.

It is a big map, but 5 people makes it quite playable. Surprisingly, even with people the Regen room was rather empty, probably as it was on the other side of the map from the Quad room. This was something of a shame, as the RG, YA, an RL could have made for some nice battles. I think this problem could be fixed by adding one Wind Tunnel which leads from the Quad Room too the Regen room.

Of course, that isn't a problem in TDM, as the two weapons in the upper Regen room are THE place to camp, and the LG and Haste rooms are equally used in both gametypes. Good fun, I really have to get to a LAN sometime soon and try this out!

L8rs! Octovus{QsRu}

9 outa 10, 10 for TDM, 8 for FFA.

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