smash3 the revenge
smash3 the revenge by =-DooMaN-=

A mid-sized Gothic level with good texturing and lighting. A lot of work has gone into the detailing on this level but it does not quite come together into a consistent aesthetic. The layout is not bad at all, although games seem to focus around a rocket launcher (near the Rail Gun). Haste, MediKit, Quad, Personal Teleport and 100health are all included and there are a few traps and secrets thrown in for good measure. The teleport to the BFG is seriously obscure, giving a major advantage to a player who already knows the map. The item placement (and teleporter destinations) could have been used better to move the game play about the level more. The r_speeds bite into the frame rate in a few spots. Bots play ok. Best suited for 4-8 player games.

Where's the BFG teleporter?

Ranked: 3.1 out of 5 (6 votes)

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