No Class!
No Class! by Wiebo de Wit

A great crumbling Gothic edifice shored up in part by scaffolding. The theme of this level has been really well thought out. From relatively intact areas, to collapsed roofs and walls highlighted by industrial lighting and reinforced with metal struts. Its the type of level that makes you want to get a heap of people together for a big, mad LAN party. The location of the Red Armour/Rail Gun at one ends of the map and the Rocket Launcher/Yellow Armour at the other creates different focuses for control. Although the level is primarily designed and sized for team games, a 3 to 5 player DM is damn fun. Bots play ok, but don't seem to go for the Rail Gun. In CPM (which the level was designed for) you can double jump to red armour - changed in version 2, this jump is now possible in standard Q3A. The r_speeds go just a tad high in parts.

Well and truly worth being on your hard drive today. Be sure to play it with CPM.

Update The .zip file has been updated to the latest version (9 aug 2000)

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (47 votes)

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