Botulism by PE#668

If you are nurturing a desire to variously torment and destroy bots this may well be your map. Bots often spawn trapped in glass jars or on moving platforms above a lava pool. You can go the traditional route and just shoot each bot with your weapon of choice, you can hit a switch and either lava fry or pulverise the little fekkers or what the hell just lob in a grenade. Other than that there is a camouflaged teleporter (looks just like a spawn point) which ships you off to a large section with puzzles but no evident exit apart from death. Not designed for human opponents its all about revenge against those pesky Bots.

A box of tricks, go for maximum bot load if you play this one.

Warning: This level may lock-up your PC with the versions of Quake 3 Arena that are newer than version 1.17. The level is still listed for historical reasons only.

There is a trick on getting this map to run, but it requires a little bit of work.

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (23 votes)

Download: Botulism by PE#668