Drakon13's CTF maps
Drakon13's CTF maps by Drakon13

A lot of average CTF maps in one big download. There are nine maps in all, each quite different in style, all the maps have some good ideas and average gameplay although some have just too much lag to be playable :[ here is a quick run-down:

  1. Strange slippery floors and a simple layout
  2. A tech/Gothic cross theme complete with crates :]
  3. Opposing churches with a graveyard common ground (not bad)
  4. Lavapit bases with long staircases
  5. Good framrate space map with some nice big jumps, but space CTF never really works
  6. Unexplainable theme with bad gameplay (long straight corridors)
  7. Pool table bases with mouse hole links from room to room. Not bad, but huge! with a really simple tight common ground.
  8. A two fort castle map with a very long stright run from one base the the other (very laggy).
  9. Two bathrooms, with bathtub, toilet and sink - completely laggy and huge open space.

Probably would have been better to focus mapping skills on one map.

Note: A number of missing textures can be corrected by downloading the Threewave CTF pack. Thanks to Mapsking for info!

Ranked: 2.9 out of 5 (12 votes)

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