Drakon13's CTF maps
Drakon13's CTF maps by Drakon13
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#10   27 Mar 2021
this is really a parade of atrocities in terms of item placement with almost every map having too much of everything. it is nice that each map is packed into it's own pk3 but really only map 1 was OK for me as a 1v1/2v2. The shader effects on map 9 were nice but that's pretty much all I could say nice about this. An exercise in learning graphics tools is what you'd call this I suppose.
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Someone unregistered
#9   26 Nov 2011
Agree with Caesar. Bathroom isn't as good as Requiem.

As for the map pack itself, I got bored with every one pretty quickly.

#6 - "Unexplainable theme." Flag room has elevated flag in the back and an inch-deep, star-shaped lava pit near the exits. There are straight hallways in between. Kinda dumb.

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sS Caesar Ss unregistered
#8   19 Dec 2010
Bathroom not as good as that of in Requiem's version-but its good to see more of each kind of map that exists.(Especially if its singleplayer)
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SW12 unregistered
#7   16 May 2010
This map is awesome! Drakon13 RUULEZ!
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Bfgay unregistered
#6   17 Aug 2004
19 megs isnt really that much whiner
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listcode unregistered
#5   20 May 2002
All maps are Exelent!Comgratulation you are a great maper.
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Bionic Gerbil unregistered
#4   29 Jul 2000
Where is the BFG anyway?
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KGB agent unregistered
#3   23 Jun 2000
I love the Chapel one you should just work on that one now. Needs more eye candy maybe some bushes or trees lining the outside of the chapels.and instead of having to get a flight to get up in the bell tower make stairs or at least a transporter. needs to have grass not just dirt it looks unrealistic. id say that the only one worth looking at was the Chapel but there are other really Original ones too overall they all need more eye candy and stuff to look at.
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FooL unregistered
#2   22 Jun 2000
I love CTF. ......but....ummmmm......19 megs..........FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN BREAK THEM UP AND SEND OUT SEPERATELY! (not even going to download this one)
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Octovus unregistered
#1   22 Jun 2000
*Wonders if it's really worth 19 megs
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