Sector5a by Bulldog
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PaN61 Rep. 385
#29   14 Nov 2009
This map is one of my favourite maps. Gameplay is good, bots seem to play excellent on every floor. I make this map challenging and so I can perfect my rail skills by playing this map with 11 bots on Nightmare!

Excellent map, I give this map a 10/10.
Great job Bulldog, keep making more Rail Arena maps.

Edited: 05 Feb 2010 AEST

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no*BOT|r|Domino unregistered
#28   01 May 2001
My fav for rail practice
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anonymous coward unregistered
#27   09 Oct 2000
Test, curious.
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Bulldog unregistered
#26   01 Sep 2000
i feel that replacing jump pads

with stairs would take away the game flow.

the jump pads speed up the action as it is easier access to the upper levels.

also it creats the railing skills you need when using the Jump pads.

besides its a Rail Arena not

a DM map.

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spraints unregistered
#25   21 Aug 2000
architecture is too cluttered and busy. why not replace a few of the jump pads with stairs?
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kamikad[Z]e unregistered
#24   25 Jun 2000
My,man this is a great map
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not entered unregistered
#23   25 Jun 2000
people who think rail maps SUCK

cant use the railgun

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not entered unregistered
#22   24 Jun 2000
Rail only maps SUCK !!!
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Bulldog unregistered
#21   24 Jun 2000
just to comment on Rockn79's comment about rail maps cant be compared to real maps :).

in some ways arena's are harder to create than maps such as tourney or DM,

the time factor of creating an arena map that works in every aspect can take just as long

because you are trying to create a map thats got everything you need in just the one area.

to design an arena that works is quite difficult it works or it dosnt theres no middle ground.

in DM maps and Tourney maps players stick to areas they like to play in,

i have fave areas in all the DM maps that came with q3.

you also have to design the arena so it doesnt look like your just running around in a box, which you dont have this problem with DM or Tourney maps.

it wouldnt be to much trouble to add rooms and stuff to sector5a arena and turn it into a tourney map.

thanx for your comment m8


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not entered unregistered
#20   24 Jun 2000
Just a few small words


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Duke unregistered
#19   24 Jun 2000
i dont normaly comment i just download the maps but this map

has got me hooked.

great gameplay, great atmos,

nearly faultless.

loved BDRA3 the first of Bulldogs rail arenas and he delivers again with a right gem

of a map.

great map/Check it out

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Dupe unregistered
#18   24 Jun 2000
Awsome Arena

A must download/ this arena has everything brilliant.

10/10 an absolute must have arena

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Bulldog unregistered
#17   24 Jun 2000

it seems that the MG ammo is taken out 100% of the time in Team mode, in free for all mode

it is given and also in tourney,

i feel that in FFA mode the MG

doesnt really come into play only now and again you will get a frag from it shooting a player

with little health left.

and i think works well in that mode because depending on the number of bots you place in the arena you are more likely to get railed before you use the MG.(mainly because of the armour

given when spawned)

if you would like to see this map converted to a Tourney map with all weps available let me no and i will do just that.

cheers bulldog

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bulldog unregistered
#16   24 Jun 2000
I tested it last night for 3 hrs

trying to find out Why the MG ammo was being given when it shouldnt be.

it seemed to work most of the time but evry now and again didnt and allowed me to use the MG.


as i have said in the last post

the ent seems to work when it feels like it, if you feel it spoils the arena enough to re-compile it let me no and i will try to sort out this problem

but my gut feeling tells me that

it must be the give ent itself just being temprimental.

cheers Bulldog

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bulldog unregistered
#15   23 Jun 2000
hello rockn79

yes m8 thats right it is there in the map and targeted to all spawn points.

in my first rail arena BDRA3 sometimes the entitie worked and sometimes it didnt.

the ent is set to all modes of play so i cant think why the MG ammo is still counted.

cheers m8

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rockN79 unregistered
#14   23 Jun 2000
I have never used it, but i think that the target_give entity must be targeted to by all the spawnpoints.

that would be:

info_player_deathmatch -> target_give -> ammo_bullets (with -100 value for count)

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Bulldog unregistered
#13   22 Jun 2000
cheers for the comments guys

on the matter of the MG ammo

there is a give ent on the map

connected to an MG ammo ent with a value of -100 so i cant understand why people are getting ammo for the MG :(



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Tigger-oN unregistered
#12   21 Jun 2000
i've removed a double by OmniSmash - hope thats cool with everyone :]
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FooL unregistered
#11   21 Jun 2000
I love my CTF games....but all the nice things people had to say, made this an obligatory D/L. And I suggest it to you. MUST download. Simply outstanding. (except the red armor should be farther away from the 100 health....but I'll shut up now;-)~
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OmniSmash unregistered
#10   21 Jun 2000
Good map, no question about it being the best Rail Arena I've played to date.

This kinda of map is great for those accuracy shots that you absolutely must learn in these games to do well :)

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Octovus unregistered
#9   21 Jun 2000
You have to admit that was a "rail" bad attempt at a pun Meatboy =0
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elvis unregistered
#8   21 Jun 2000
hey bulldog-

again the connectivity is bad in the lower level with 4 bots.

if you wouldve gotten rid of those things that flash on both sides everything wouldve been fine.

maps good for 1v1 though:)

gameplay is also good

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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#7   20 Jun 2000
Nifty level that allows one forces one to move or die. Great for honing moving and mid jump railing.

I also like the fact that there is a good chance your target will not go down in one hit. Training to stay on target and double tap a rail gun is a good thing.

The map flows great and it has a high itch factor with multiple players. {Itch factor meaning that you just know that something is always lining up on you out of sight.;}

Rail maps fall into real bad, or real good. This map is Rail excellent. Download it now.

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not entered unregistered
#6   20 Jun 2000
This would make a good tourney level if the author put out a second version with normal weapons included.
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RedFive unregistered
#5   20 Jun 2000
I haven't played it with bots or people yet but it seems a fun enough map. The really good thing as opposed to q3tourney4 is the lack of those annoying doors; DAMN I hate doors! Also, I find the map a tad too bright but that's just me. All in all it looks like fun. An 8 from me, with points deducted because of the brightness.
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rockN79 unregistered
#4   20 Jun 2000
I did give it an eight (8). That's the highest rating a rail arena will get from me, because it's not really comparable to a real map. Sorry to say it that way, but I hope you know what I mean.
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rockN79 unregistered
#3   20 Jun 2000
Yeah, this is a really nice arena to rail in. Still I don't really like the rail as a stand-alone weapon. I love the rail-lightning combo (or shotgun). But then it wouldn't be a rail-arena anymore.

That was also the reason why I liked the MG ammo. It helped finishing off those bots( which dominate anything rail-related against me). Would have even liked to see some ammo boxes. But I do agree with Octovus, it's a rail arena and so the mg ammo should be out.

What I didn't like (at least against bots) is that you spawn with 100 armor, so most times you (and the bots) survive three hits. The bots were stealing all the frags from me. When I had hit them twice, some other bot would finish them off. I'd have much more fun if you'd spawn with 50 armor. But that's probably just my lacking rail skills.

Would do well as a normal tourney level with a normal weapon set and different placement of the mh and ra.


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Octovus unregistered
#2   20 Jun 2000
Er: That is to say, they make it so you don't spawn with MG ammo, there isn't any MG ammo inside this level either.
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Octovus unregistered
#1   20 Jun 2000
Well well, this little gem made my afternoon (and quite possibly the rest of the night)

A great rail arena, it has the flow and layout that it could even be transported to a regular DM (not that I think that should be done).

The custom bounce pads looked really cool, and they were the only way to get up. I originally thought that might be a problem (easy mid air frags) but it wasn't really as there are enough powerups, such as +5 armors and healths, the RA, the Megahealth, that one shot does not often equal one kill here.

The RA was placed nicely out of the way, as it is the dominant thing in this map, while the Megahealth is placed in the middle of the fray; an interesting idea, and one that worked well.

It would be too large for 2 people I think, or more that it just wouldn't work, as the RA and Megahealth could easily be controlled. This won't happen in an FFA as someone will almost always have grabbed the Mega before you can jump down from the RA platform and do so yourself.

Great atmosphere, cool bouncepads, and fun all around, but one comment: On other rail arenas, the mappers take out the MG ammo from the level. There is a reason for this, certain bots such as Bones use the MG before the RG, it kinda messes things up. However, the spawning ammo was reduced (to 50) so that's just nitpicking.

Great map, better than the other two recent rail arena's here, and that's saying something!

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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