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badass McBrown unregistered
#28   09 Sep 2000
I love this FUCKING MAP
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JonTart unregistered
#27   24 Jun 2000
Ugly and Unfinished

but highly original u show potential

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SpYdEr unregistered
#26   23 Jun 2000
One word .. kick ass !! lol
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Mimi unregistered
#25   23 Jun 2000

-- Your first map release shows that you have very special and cool style of map making.

-- We like your style very much. However, we just can’t vote for your map yet. We strongly feel that your creation is not complete yet.

-- To us, any Q3 map without a Bot file means Automatic Access Denial to the majority of Quake3 users (single mode players, players with slow network access or no network access at all).

-- As you can see there are a lot of constructive suggestions from LvL reviewers / LvL users and of your peers. Please, complete your map as soon as possible.

-- Please, don’t forget to provide an official bot file with your next revision.

Thank You



-- Has anyone able to create bot file for this map while we waiting for the artist next update?

-- Please, post on LvL or on the net if you have one ready

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rockN79 unregistered
#24   22 Jun 2000
Or maybe double-rocket-jump inside again...
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rockN79 unregistered
#23   22 Jun 2000
I found the RL's on the outside pretty cool. Their only purpose is to be able to kill yourself if you fall outside.
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Prophet unregistered
#22   21 Jun 2000
The bspc won't bother about curves, If they are solid, it will use them as standard visblocking surfaces, thus as solid areas for bots. Just see that you "clip off" everything really tight. Leave nothing unclipped.
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lagmasterflash unregistered
#21   21 Jun 2000
wats with the RL's on the "outside of the map?

did anyone else find those?

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rockN79 unregistered
#20   21 Jun 2000
Of course does the bot file use clip brushes. The question is wether the bspc will ONLY use the clip brushes to generate bot areas or wether it will fk up about the curves the same as it does right now. I'd say it probably works...not sure though.
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Prophet unregistered
#19   21 Jun 2000
The Bot file WILL actually use the clip brushes. Have you guys ever taken a closer look at q3dm1- arena gate? the map file is included in the release of q3r. Willits has clipped off alost everything in this map. Just look at it, it's a learning experience.

And TokeNter... Don't you use q3build for compiling your maps, or why's the .aas missing?

No score, because this one is not finished.

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Unnamed Player unregistered
#18   21 Jun 2000
Didn't really like the black door with the yellow diamond symbol either, why not use a custom one instead as this one looked out of place.

Note to self - 'Shut up, and stop babbling, you Waffler!'

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Unnamed Player unregistered
#17   21 Jun 2000
This level really does demonstrate the power of John boy's engine (not the one in the Ferarri); the author fully exploited the engine's capabilities and has used curves throughout the whole map. The overall effect is superb and this is one beautiful looking arena. Although in my opinion there are a few ways that the aesthetics could be improved, eg:

1)Use custom bounce pads - Mr Clean's tech ones would suit the surroundings (available for download from his site - hosted by PQ)

2)Maybe include the odd unusual symbol on some of the walls; might help to reduce the spartan look of concrete areas especially.

3)The pillars supporting the perimeter fence in the outdoor section, might look better if you textured them in chrome or metal, as the one presently chosen is grim.

  1. The sky selected, is rather ordinary, and the use of a custom one may give this uncanny looking arena more atmosphere. Only an idea, but why not create one that shows two large planets on a collision course and a natural phenomena like St Elmo's fire (Northern Lights) raging in the background; though it needs to be a daytime sky otherwise things may be too dark.

With regard to sounds, there seemed to be a shortage of ambient noise, though you may have chosen to this deliberately due to the clank of gladiators running on the metal walkways. I think the addition of some well chosen sounds may enhance the auditory sensation.

It is difficult to accurately judge gameplay when Bots aren't included and you haven't access to a LAN. Though after studying the level it becomes apparent that vertical combat will be rather limited and the long corridors and size of the level may mean it takes a while for players to locate one another. The inclusion of several well placed teleporters may improve connectivity and help speed up gameplay.

If you decide to create the sky I was waffling about why not call the map 'When World's Collide'.

This one is difficult to score and after reading the designers comments I will wait until he includes Bot play.

If anyone suffers from insomnia, read this speel and you'll be out for the count in no time at all.

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rockN79 unregistered
#16   21 Jun 2000
Yeah, I also thought that clip brushes on every wall should make this map work for bots, because I think that bspc file will create the bot file using the clip brushes ( I hope so).

Using Donotenter won't help along those lines, you will have to use clip brushes. Or am I wrong?

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not entered unregistered
#15   21 Jun 2000
well when you run with r_lodBias -2

r_lodCurveError 10000

and r_subdivisions 1

it renders this map unplayable.

but it does look nice.

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ALS unregistered
#14   21 Jun 2000
Well... I played this map on a LAN with 6peeps, after 5 minutes someone did a call vote for a next map! It’s a nice map but gameplay didn’t cut it enough to get us going!
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TokeNter unregistered
#13   20 Jun 2000
thanx for the answer Tiger_oN

i will add the necessary clipping for the bots to work in it...for u hpbs..hehe

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not entered unregistered
#12   20 Jun 2000
this is what a Q3A lvl should look like!

Dreamy to look at,but no bot file.

since I cant really play on line(56k),this is a bummer.

I have the hardware to enjoy this,please tokeNter give us HP basterds a bot file.

looks so sweet,but gets a 4 anyway.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#11   20 Jun 2000
Lineing the curves with clip brushes and no-bot brushes would help qmap make a better bot file, so its not a redo, just a bit of work :]

rockN79 - yep.. you have a dynamic ip which changes each time you dial-up. It looks like your ip can be any number in one of two B classes.

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Mimi unregistered
#10   20 Jun 2000
-- Please, atleast provide bot file with the map
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Dutch unregistered
#9   20 Jun 2000
I think the banner for this level should be "for lan only". It looks good but numerous errors make this an unfinished beta in my opinion. It has a score of 7 at this point .Time for my vote.
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rockN79 unregistered
#8   20 Jun 2000
I seem to be getting different ID codes everytime I log on...
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rockN79 unregistered
#7   20 Jun 2000
I tried to make a bot file and I now understand why this map has none. The bspc tool can't create a bot file out of the .bsp. The .bsp seems to be totally screwed up and there are like one million error messages when running bspc on it.

In order to get bot play, the author would have to redo the whole map. So that's the


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RiO unregistered
#6   20 Jun 2000
I would download it, but...

No bot file? Wtf?

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rockN79 unregistered
#5   20 Jun 2000
Insane high r_speeds (up to 18k), but still playable. Looks really impressive. Actually I wasn't that much impressed since I played spog's lonely planet. But his map is also technically, r_speed/vis wise, very impressive work. This one isn't.

Nice layout, and good item placement (at first glance), but feels a bit rushed (no bot file, clip brushes missing and there was a shader error message at startup).

A nice touch was the quad and bfg placement and the rl's if you fell down on the other side (so you could kill youself).

This map screams for an updated version with the bugs fixed and a bot file.

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Pottymouth unregistered
#4   20 Jun 2000
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Octovus unregistered
#3   20 Jun 2000
Damit, most of the other maps this time get a bad review, and this one doesn't have a bot file =(

Oh well, guess I'll download it anyway, but trust me TokeNter, if you can't make (good) bot files get someone else to, you'll only get LPB's downloading this map and even then the larger portion of us won't

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[ac]Kevl4R unregistered
#2   20 Jun 2000
Glad to see you finished the level Toke...great job! I will put the final on our server so people can get to it using callvote. Great use of textures...a nice break from the gothic.
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Unnamed Player unregistered
#1   20 Jun 2000
Wow, more curves than Hunter!
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