q3newst1 by brutal1ty
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asLan_keEn unregistered
#12   08 Jan 2009
nEver giVe uP!!!!
f0cus, foCus n focuS!!!
An apPle a daY, maKe doCtor aWay...^_~
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dathmaster unregistered
#11   25 Jul 2000
this map sux
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K3NnY unregistered
#10   22 Jun 2000
hm nice map. but razer sux in space2 is better than this one.
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Spram unregistered
#9   22 Jun 2000
The map was nice, I liked it, but I couldn't find any place to hide from the bots. I give it a 7. By the way, if I have a REALLY BAD map on the queue and I want to tell someone to take it down... Who do I tell.. Or should I wait for the review and the flames (by mature quake gamers of course! Quake is mature!) It has colored lighting and smiley faces everywhere (the map).. In no way it's better than yours. Mine sucks.
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brutal1ty unregistered
#8   21 Jun 2000
you like my maps ??? blink =). Thanx =)... Thx to lvl 4 changing my nick... So what I wanted to say my new map (RAZER SUX IN SPACE 2 ;) ) Will be released on friday, 23.6. on maps.strikenet.at and soon on lvl...
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elvis unregistered
#7   20 Jun 2000
im downloading this map now..and noticed that the author changed his name.

why do this .. recognition is not in its place then.

i say this is because my favorite map made by quid(battle zone) probobly changed his name, now i cant thank him because i deleted the readme long ago so i dont even know if he continued map making or whatever.. this seems to be a quid like map(small with a quad, tourney)

oh well . i know BRUTAL1TY will get the recognition he deserves.

what does this all mean?

authors .. stop changing your fuckin names!

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Niptlar unregistered
#6   20 Jun 2000
I would have asked you to switch out a slug clip with a machinegun clip, but I guess it is too late to do anything about that. Great otherwise...
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brutal1ty unregistered
#5   20 Jun 2000
wow! a review that doensn´t say: QUIT MAPPING YOU SON OF A * I didn´t expect you to be so l33t ;)
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Octovus unregistered
#4   20 Jun 2000
Quite a well done map!

It is small, to be sure, but that just makes for a frag-fest, and yet one that requires control of the level even with a load of 5 players (which is, believe you me, a fragfest here).

This is because the weapons ( including the lg, though it is less so) are out of the way, and you use ammom quick in a frag-fest. The RA and the ammo boxes for the RG and RL are the things to control here. The quad is gonna turn people who don't like frag-fests off: they "can't" play tourney with a quad, and anything more thant two, it's nutsy (but fun )

Great map, nice construction, good placement (megahealth was really just a bonus, what with the fragging centring in that pit it was mostly a "you happened to be standing there when it spawned" kinda thing)

8 outa ten, who cares if it's small!

(Note to Patridiot: So I do like small maps, excuse me for doing so)

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not entered unregistered
#3   20 Jun 2000
woohoo!! you got a 2 sentence review that barely tells you jack about the map... you need to submit your work to some place that will justify your work alot more than 2 or 3 sentences.
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bAAl unregistered
#2   20 Jun 2000
Nice map :)
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brutal1ty unregistered
#1   20 Jun 2000
woohoo! it´s up... i don´t know what to say... but why not q3newsdm1... it´s much bigger... oh I forgot the readme... hehe...

(by formerly R4z3R brutal1ty

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