Sector5a Rail Arena

Author: Bulldog
Map Name: Sector5a
Zip File Name:
PK3 file Name: Sector5a.pk3
Players: 1-4
Modes of Play: Free for all, Tourney, Team Deathmatch
Custom Textures: Yes
Custom Sounds: Yes
Arena File: Yes
Bulldogs Quake3 Website:
Map Download URL:

Unzip Sector5a.pk3 into the baseq3 dir, run the game and select skirmish,
it will be listed in skirmish under the modes of play listed above.


Second Rail arena in the BDRA3 saga,
This time its a base style arena with new textures and sounds,
Bit bigger than the previous arena (BDRA3) as a couple of you thought that was a tad small.
designed it as always with Bot performance in mind and also total online or Lan play,
plays great in 1 v 1 but i love playin this map in Team Deathmatch 2 v 2.
Thanks for D/loading this map and giving it a go, hope you enjoy it