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My Very Own Room
My Very Own Room by DoMiNiQuE
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1758
#7   29 Jul 2012
In Hunt this map rocked! The Titans match the giant size in this one, since this map is at a smaller scale than I expected. 6/10
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FragTastic Rep. 1420
#6   07 Jan 2012
Looks cool
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fisty unregistered
#5   11 Mar 2011
on of the stupidest giant maps ever! i didn't liked it and not worth to download! 5/10
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shrinker unregistered
#4   04 Jan 2011
not bad but the map is missing things: too dark, inaccurate jump pads, BFG with only 2 shots and a bit too small
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Cendres unregistered
#3   29 Jan 2008
The Jumppads aren't very accureate, and it's sometimes too much dark. Btw, does a BFG with only 2 shots inside make an interest?
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[BD] Brimge unregistered
#2   27 Jun 2000
Cool?... uhh..
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Grant unregistered
#1   23 Jun 2000
Absolutely cool!...
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