CMYK by Spike

A fast build time and fast gameplay. Visually, this release could be the most coherent and fun release yet from Spike. Looking like a cross between an explosion of crash dummy registration marks and overly large halftone (dots) from a print - but it is all working to give a unique look.

The areas are all colour coded to the main item in that space. This works amazingly well to reduce the learning curve to a matter of seconds. If you are wondering about the green spaces, that is where the Green Armour appears when played with the CPMA mod. Yes, there are two Green Armours in this map.

Inspired by Aerowalk with a focus on Tourney matches, the gameplay is very strong. A 3 player Deathmatch is fast and very enjoyable. You can move quickly through the map in any direction due to the size and great connectivity.

About the only negative is the amount of Health (and Armour in CPMA) for such a small map. If you survive a combat encounter, it is almost effortless to recover before the next clash. This abundance may be influencing the enjoyment factor but could be a little much in a more serious match.

Highly recommended download.

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: CMYK by Spike