CMYK by Spike
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Geniraul Rep. 1432
#6   24 Dec 2023
Wow, this map's current daily average of downloads is 14.63 and it's been downloaded 101 times in 30 days so far, moreover, it has been LiveViewed 338 times! The eye candy and contrast in the color palette do their job as they should and that is really awesome ;)
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Geniraul Rep. 1432
#5   04 Dec 2023
I've got a port of this map coming to Quake 2, and there will be a Quake 2 themed duel map that's a lot more complex and a bit larger than this one.

@Spike As someone who highly appreciates remakes/conversions and dedications/references, I will say that these are some really great news!

Personally, I would've preferred the option of increasing the scale over the option of decreasing the texture sharpness for this release. I actually love these textures as they are, because of their unique cel-shaded and somewhat cartoonished style along with geometrical variety, the CMYK gimmick and sharpness. I just think that their combination with this layout limits the feel of the space openness to a certain extent. However, I'll be very happy if you use these textures for some of your future releases, since the textures per se are just magnificent!

Got any ideas/inspiration for layout? Or shall I just do my "make a cool room with doors here and here and then make another room in there" method that's worked so far?

You're free to do it whatever way you like it as a designer, of course ;) Personally, I think SPIKEDM4, SPIKEDM5, SPIKEDM6 and PLONKER (feat. Ecl1pse, Llanstoloq and @Foo ) have excellent strong gameplay and layouts. I've been enjoying your last maps so far, and they are all suitable for a duel, too.

Another thing I also always appreciate and that I appreciate especially highly is some adventurous (semi-)surrealistic explorative Jailbreak-like maps with some feel of discovering in it :P 😅 And then there are also some cool, and I'd even say unique ideas, some of which @Tig has mentioned in this post, for example:

Some of the things that usually matter to me in terms of layout are connectivity, scale, ensuring dynamic gameplay, verticality, enough opportunities for a proper item placement and various spawn poins that would be located far enough from each other and stuff like that :)

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Spike Rep. 464
#4   04 Dec 2023
Glad to hear back from both of you. Glad you guys enjoyed as much as you did! I agree a GL could have worked but I felt that there was a lot of items already and with the inclusion of the Quad (which can be disabled very easily in VQ3, just look up item disabling on google) I felt that that upper yellow area had enough going for it. I've got a port of this map coming to Quake 2, and there will be a Quake 2 themed duel map that's a lot more complex and a bit larger than this one.

Shame that the naming stuff messed it up, but I hope you've got enough brain to work around that lol x

As for the textures, yeah! I get what you mean. I haven't much experience or know-how in making textures aside from hand-drawing them (but I'm shit at anything other than ink+paper), so I kept it very clean sharp and simple (for speed purposes as well).

Glad you two enjoyed this one and if you want then I may have a look at another speedmap in this style. Got any ideas/inspiration for layout? Or shall I just do my "make a cool room with doors here and here and then make another room in there" method that's worked so far?

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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#3   02 Dec 2023
Spike, this is a nearly perfect map for me. Some points off for item placements (I think the armour spread is OK for cpm, but a gl would be great especially for those tele exits). But the aesthetics is spot on: the perfect balance between creativity and gameplay. I would love to see you use this more as a signature aesthetic for future maps. ps: in the arena file, the naming convention means that the level shot won't load in the menu for some gametypes: you will need to enter "team" and "tourney" "clan arena" in q3/cpma
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Geniraul Rep. 1432
#2   26 Nov 2023
This level reminds me of POLO3DM3 by Polo, which makes sense, since both maps' layouts are inspired by Quake World's Aerowalk and have the MH located near the middle of the wall between the stairs on both sides on the lower floor, the RG on the upper floor and a lot of teleporters :} I think the jump pads on SPIKEDM7 help diversify the gampelay even more and give it more dynamism.

@Spike Most of your releases are solid 4/5 for me, and this one is not an exception, so it's really cool to see a relatively new mapper making some quality stuff for Q3 in 2023! As for this map, it partly reminds of the aforementioned level, which is one of my favourites. In addition, when it's the case, it's usually a very good sign for me, which is exactly how I see it this time, too :)

Another thing I truly admire is one of the names of the map, which is CMYK. Really, who do all those RGB guys think they are? 😝 On a more serious note, I do see why the level is called so, as the appropriate colours are well distributed on the walls separately.

All textures are made by myself.

I appreciate this, since the textures are really eye candy, memorable and rich both in terms of color palette and geometrically. In my opinion, it makes the level look somewhat cartoonish, which is something that I find very interesting. I think, however, that along with Aerowalk's layout, it gives the impression that the level is a bit too small/cramped. To be honest, I find the original QW map a little cramped, too, but that is rather due to its combination with QW's fast movement physics. Maybe it's a good idea to somewhat increase the scale in this new release or to decrease the texture sharpness, so that the CMYK gimmick is kept too. This is because for me these three factors — the not-so-large map size, texture sharpness and color contrast — don't entirely let the feel of being in another world/universe in. I take a running start, but some wall often says to me: "Alright, turn aside now", a little bit faster that I'd like :D

This map was originally made in almost exactly 9 hours, worked on over the span of 2 days, starting the 4th Feb 2023. I retweaked and revamped the lighting for the LvL release on 13th Oct 2023, about another further 4 hours.


Fun fact: I darkened the colours for this release. That makes it 3 times
already. 4 if you count the new fade textures lol.

Another further 5ish hours redoing lighting and textures, to make it less of an
eyesore lol

This is a very responsible approach and signs of hard and consequent work. As far as I recall, I saw the level in the map queue before it was updated, and although I don't remember what it was before, I have to say that I liked this version a lot better, so I'm sure the improvement was well worth it.

Overall this is a very decent release. As far as I know, you're the first author on ..::LvL among the three people whose alias is (a variation of) Spike whose real name is geniunely Spike C: Personally, I think this map is best played with 3 match participants. Keep up the good Quake!

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Spike Rep. 464
#1   24 Nov 2023
Finally! Took me way too long to get this updated and I'm glad i managed it. Although not many mods support it, you can speed this map up again with the addition of Q4 style teleporting projectiles. Being able to see through the teleporters can make for some much faster fights that keep you on you toes even more.
I had a great time making this map, and even more fun playtesting it, and I hope you do too :)
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