Wait and Bleed
Wait and Bleed by Spike

Quite a large industrial-style map that provides a lot of opportunities for the gameplay. It contains several jump pads and portals, which help on improving the dynamism of the gaming. The fact that the level consists of sections located on different height brings some vertical combat to the match, which alongside various turns and the lift on the bottom floor makes the map feel very intense. What also enriches the gameplay is various staircases and obstacles, which can be used to spam a couple of rails, grenades or rockets. Another good point is that it features all the weapons, except the BFG9000, which is a big advantage for a map of such a size.

Every gun can be respectively found on a stand, which is painted in the color close in shade to that weapon's ammunition; this is one of the gimmicks of the map. The amount of ammo boxes on this level cannot be considered as insufficient either. The featured heavy items, such as MegaHealth, Red Armor and Quad Damage, are located at a reasonable distance from each other, which makes the map suitable for a duel.

If you search carefully enough, you will be able to find a secret button, the pressing of which will open the entrance to the secret passage with a teleporter. The latter will bring you to the super-secret zone. Both getting into it and dealing with the challenges inside it will thoroughly test your rocket jump skills. Once the player is inside, the first area that they will have to deal with will check their ability to (rocket) jump. After the first challenge is completed, the player will be able to press the button in the end of that area's corridor in order to gain access to the second room.

This second section in its conception at some point reminds of map 30: Last Call by Jimmy Sieben from one of the two Doom II 32-level IWADs TNT: Evilution, which is a WAD from the commercial product and pair of stand-alone WADs for Final Doom by TeamTNT alongside The Plutonia Experiment by the brothers Dario and Milo Casali. This one tests the player's circle jumping skills using several boxes that serve as another gimmick of the level. Pressing the other button will reveal an access to the final area of the super-secret zone with a little prize and a little surprise.

As for the skybox, it is made as a city and suits the map's industrial atmosphere, however this can only be visible on higher layers of the level. There is a thin white outline on the inner side of the top part of the skybox that can be visible for some reason. The map is a little bit too dark and could have highly benefited from more beautifying and eye candy textures. Bots play the level well.

This map is definitely worth of grabbing and will be especially pleasing to those enjoying some quality gameplay!

Reviewed by Geniraul

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (4 votes)

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