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Installation Error by Arch Giddle

What an odd map. If you like your frags fast in a tight, cramped space with dead ends and an eclectic mix of textures, lighting and architecture, but still built technically correct - this is the map for you! This release has all of that. When you realise this map was originally released 2000, everything starts to fall together.

To be very honest, after the initial shock, I really enjoyed the first 5 minutes of game play on this level. It was different and unexpected. Getting familiar with a tight, cramped space and being surprised by the dead ends was kind of fun at first.

Once I had the map layout down, I found there was a simple looping process to the game play. The tight spaces allowed for very quick frags and the splash damage from a rocket made things even easier.

While their routes are quick to learn, the bots ran the map without any obvious issues. Just easy enough to know where they are heading.

A map that really shows it age. Worth a quick game just for something different.

Ranked: 1.7 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: Installation Error by Arch Giddle