Nocturnal Convention (2)
Nocturnal Convention (2) by Rynvord

Nocturnal Convention's room layouts reminded me of The Campgrounds (q3dm6), even before I read the readme. I really enjoy the layout, as each room flows nicely into the next and I do not feel as if I have to kill my speed when traversing across the map. I really enjoyed the jumppad that takes you up to the rail area and how the rest of that connects with the mid and Mega room.

There are a couple areas that could do with improved clipping. For example, many of the recesses where lights sit. A bit of adjustment would help as well, such as the double staircase where more space to make the 180 from one set to the other would be nice and the almost invisible lips that allow you to jump from mid higher ground to the adjacent room could do with becoming a staircase or a speedy lift. Being on the larger side in terms of duel, gameplay could be quite slow, but may speed up as both players become more familiar with the environment.

The item layout is well thought out, but both major items and one of two Yellow Armor's require a circle-jump to reach, which bots cannot perform. The bots also love the mid section; never failed to find a couple bots scrappin' there. I feel that the Red Armor could have been better placed near the ground, somewhere more exposed, but more accessible as the MegaHealth already takes the high ground. I also feel that the platform that Mega is on could do with a small extension, to make its jump a bit more plausible. The Yellow is fine as it is, as you can quite easily use even a small bit of strafe momentum to snag it on the way through.

The lighting feels very dark. The textures themselves are mostly ok, but could also do with a bit of a brighten.

Despite these small problems, the core gameplay of this release is great, and dills my pickle. Rectification of these small things will make all the difference and I would consider including it in a more serious rotation for both FFA and TDM. Get it now, and you will have some good games with your mates!
Happy Fraggin'!

Reviewed by Spike

Tigs notes: This map looks very well finished, but has no vis pass performed during the compile. For this reason, the entire map in front of your view is drawn on every frame. Current video cards are more than capable of performing this task. People with older video cards may have a frame rate hit. If you are noticing a missing texture or two, be sure to grab the mapmedia.pk3, which will fix this up.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (4 votes)

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