Fat Plonker
Fat Plonker by Ecl1pse, Spike, Llanstoloq & Foo

A collaborative project by four mappers has spawned a very impressive Deathmatch and TeamDM release that also doubles up as an intense Tourney.

Spectacular and rich brushwork, full of sweeping curves and angles is beautifully dressed in Sock's Egyptian textures. The readme states the theme is an Egyptian prison. There are aspects that seem to match that statement, there is also a lot more happening here.

Game play is solid. No real surprise with the four mappers involved. You will find the action seamlessly moving from space to space. The great item placement is helping a lot. The Red Armour feels a little hidden in a corridor with the location suited to a more common, but it works.

A few secrets help to give the map a little something special. An exit option for the Tomb secret would have been nice. If you have picked up the Teleport there is no problem, but if you have missed it you can become stuck in here until one spawns again.

Bot matches are enjoyable but they can not work out the secrets. You can often find them around the door to the Quad.

Visuals and game play working in unison. Grab it.

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (6 votes)

Download: Fat Plonker by Ecl1pse, Spike, Llanstoloq & Foo