Fat Plonker
Fat Plonker by Ecl1pse, Spike, Llanstoloq & Foo
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#2   26 days ago
Super fun map! Congratulations! Played in VQ3 and works great. Love the mixture of horizontal and vertical gameplay. Good choice of items. Bots play it fine. Looks amazing. 5/5
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Spike Rep. 267
#1   26 Sep 2023
Great to see this finally posted, was over the moon to see it reviewed! Was a great few months, working with Jam, Eclipse and Foo, had lots of great ideas bounce between us and I really feel that we produced the best map that we could have together.

I will also encourage you to try this map with the CPMA mod. Theres some real satisfying hops you can pull off with the turbo movement! A few spots also make good use of QL's autohop, but Q3 movment doesnt hinder the flow at all!

Get this one, it's a keeper!
(Cough cough)

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