Stronghold in Space (2)
Stronghold in Space (2) by Rynvord

Uniformed raised blocks in dark textures sit suspended in a total black sky. The blue highlight texture and lights give shape to the environment of this Space Map. Watch your step as you move and jump across the grid looking for items and someone to shoot.

With a bit of looking, the block like space starts to show you variety, ledges and items. It is with these ledges and hidden in plan sight features that the map starts to come together a lot more. For example, learning how to reach the Haste from across the other side of the map gives you a nice surprise.

You can get stuck on the odd part of the map, like one of the highlight textures for a jumppad. A bit of extra clipping would have been nice. Bots will find the void from time to time but otherwise do a good job moving around.

It is an OK release that some people might enjoy more than others.

Tigs notes: If you think you have seen this map before, there is a good chance you have. A version of this map was released in 2004, with the same title but a different file name, different BSP name and the author appears to have gone by a different name back then as well.

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (3 votes)

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