The Place Of Many Deaths CTF - Extended
The Place Of Many Deaths CTF - Extended by sst13

Originally released in parallel with Excavated, both remixes of The Place of Many Deaths (q3dm4). This one is a CTF and extended version that follows a familiar path for sst13 - high quality remakes with extras.

Everything about this release fits perfectly within the Quake 3 ecosystem. The brushwork, textures and lighting all working in harmony and somehow more contemporary than the original. Sure, something things are obvious, but other aspects and tweaks are a lot more subtle. Loading the original and the remake back to back, you can notice the extra brushwork, the lights and more.

As for gameplay, this feels like a CTF release that could have been part of the original release. The paths from base to base are clear. On respawn you know which way to head and the flag base can be defended at close range and from a distance. Working as a team is required, as CTF should be played.

sst13 has a knack of making a map you already know better. This is a great example.

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: The Place Of Many Deaths CTF - Extended by sst13