Excavated by sst13

What an origin story: Excavated by sst13 is an extended version of Eviscerated from Quake Live, which is a modified and extended version of The Place of Many Deaths (q3dm4) from the base game. A map that has evolved and improved over time.

The structure, brushwork and aesthetic are all inline and very professional. You could easily imagine this release in the original game.

The layout, as per the original is symmetrical with only minor differences in items across the line of symmetry. Most major items except the two Yellow Armours are spread along the two main intersecting corridors that form the based of the cross layout. Branching paths encircle and connect the points of the cross. The symmetry can lead to a few odd moments of déjà vu. Picking up the Yellow Armour, looking across the map and seeing another Yellow Armour can feel a little odd.

Deathmatch games are solid, fast and fun but can become a little repetitive with most players finding an item run that suits them. Once you throw a few bots in the mix, you can quickly learn their paths. 2vs2 or 3vs3 Team Matches are a little more intense and strategic. Tourney games are also supported, but the amount of health around the place makes them very slow.

A very well made release that is respectful of the source material. Some more variety may have helped to break away further from the original.

Well worth the download.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: Excavated by sst13