ALTURA1 by M00nbot

The readme file is blank except for the title and the author's name, even the file extension is missing and you have to manually add one open it. The zip file contains the .pk3 and a screenshot folder, which serves no further purpose. Based on the arena file I could determine it is an FFA map for 5 players. A little bit more care in how you distributed something would go a long way especially if you are using resources made by other people.

Having said that, I have no idea what the vision behind this map was. It is a huge box, which would normally be the skybox, except there is no sky texture. In the middle there is a floating building, which kinda looks like it is supposed to be a villa of some sort. There are barely any walls, so it is very open with long sightlines and not a lot of room to find cover. You could say it is a space map, but without any of the charm.

Gameplay wise there are a lot of weird decisions. Weapons and items float rather high in the air. There are several spawn points that are directly aimed at walls. There are multiple dead ends without any items. There is a Teleporter that leads to BFG in a closed room, but there is also a flight power up which you will need to escape the area.

These sorts of gimmicks do not work in competitive play and truth be told, even for casual play, there is just not a lot of appeal here.

Reviewed by Sprony

Ranked: 3.1 out of 5 (5 votes)

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