3dfx Themed Map (pack)
3dfx Themed Map (pack) by eLuSiVe

This level is a rendition of 3dfx's corporate headquarters before the company was sold to Nvidia in 2000. It was made by German Q3 player and 3dfx enthusiast eLuSiVe/Mr.Elusive. There are three map versions in the pack: The first released in December 2003, a slightly tweaked Playable Version released in Feb 2004, and an expanded CTF version released in April the same year with some new interior office rooms forming the blue base.

The DM version of the map comprises of a large outdoor courtyard surrounded on two sides by the L-shaped 3dfx office and a smaller indoor area with various images of 3dfx cards, logos, and a shrine to the Voodoo 5.

Gameplay is basic. Most weapons are laid out around the courtyard and rooftop with the Lightning Gun being the only motivation to move indoors. Interior and exterior are linked with one entry and exit point, and some jumppads provide access up the rooftop where you will find three teleporters taking you back back down. It works fine for a frantic FFA bash with 4+ players, but there is not much gameplay depth to be found to bring you back.

The CTF version of the map is similarly playable but limited in gameplay depth. The extra blue base space is a mix of low-ceiling rooms and tight corridors, and with no central atrium space in which flag runs can be contested its a simple matter of who can run with the flag the fastest without coming head-first into an opponent down a corridor.

There are a few visual issues in the map - missing textures, the hole in the bottom of the skybox is visible from some angles, and some of the brushwork has gaps.

You are unlikely to keep this one for its gameplay, but it's an interesting snippet of gaming history.

Note: The two non-CTF versions have the same map name hq3dfx so make sure to only install one at once.

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Patch file: Thanks to Mapsking for putting together a patch file that corrects a number of issues from missing textures to bot files. The included readme file is important for this patch file. 31st Jul, 2023.

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