ALTURA1 by M00nbot
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Neon_Knight Rep. 324
#3   15 days ago
Eh, I'm all for casual play. That said, I would prefer the weapons to have weapon bases, and the decision to give certain items the "suspended" tag is clearly... peculiar.
In OpenArena the map works flawlessly. It's a bit of fun with the Grappling Hook enabled. Or if you prefer to play with "Elimination" mode (all weapons given, no pickups, full armor and health) in any non-base-based gametype.
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Foo Rep. 367
#2   31 Jul 2023
There's interesting concepts in visuals and gameplay here, let down by technical shortcomings and (IMO) insufficient gameplay testing against real people. Both of those could just be due to lack of opportunity given how spread out the map-making community is nowadays.
'Altura' means 'height', 'vantage point', and also 'dignity' in Spanish, so I'm guessing M00nbot is from a latin area of the world. Those meanings come through in the way the level itself and also the items within it are positioned, I almost suspect the name was the starting point for the level itself. There are overlooks on overlooks on overlooks throughout here. I also like the way the BFG and flight have been combined in an area that you can also get out of with a careful rocket/bfg jump to a nearby ledge.
Interesting little art piece, but not something that'll work for duel. Maybe 3 player FFA.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#1   30 Jul 2023
I've given most my points to the creativity here. While the reviewer says "I have no idea what the vision behind this map was" Altura1 reminds me a bit of the space maps of Christopher "Killer" Miller, albeit a rather impoverished version, but I think the author may have drawn some inspiration from here. As suggested in the review, the level is really let down by the lack of connectivity to areas (that makes it impossible to chase down an opponent most times) and all the pointless dead ends. Item selection and placement is also suspect
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