The Fragpit
The Fragpit by Spike

What we have is a re-make of the authors own Quake Live release, but for Quake 3. That could explain the great game play, connectivity and enjoyment level in this release. Visually, this release is very raw. Not a lot continuity or theme happening at all. Aesthetically, this release seems more like a first release.

The Fragpit reminded me a lot of the original release of Wicked. Both fast and solid on game play, but just not hitting the visually delights required to satisfy the populous. Personally, I really hope the Author can spend a lot more time on a re-make or happy to allow someone else to come through and paint a new picture.

A strong game play focused release that could benefit from a visual overhaul. Grab it if game play is all you need! I know I totally enjoyed it.

Update: The level has been updated since the review was posted. The current download has a number of changes. If you have downloaded the map previously, be sure to get the update version. 19th Sept, 2022
Update 2: Another update for this release. Spike has made even more tweaks to this release. The current download version was released on the 12th May, 2023.

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: The Fragpit by Spike