The Dark Zone - RMX
The Dark Zone - RMX by sst13

The Dark Zone (DM6) from Quake is a very well known map for anyone that has played QuakeWorld. Well placed teleporters and a looping layout keep the action fast. The Lightning Gun pit and the tunnel above it are infamous.

Due to the history and popularity of the original, a number of remakes can be found, but none until now have taken DM6 as a base and made a release that is truly a unique release for Q3A.

Playing this release from sst13 will remind you of the original and leave you in amazement that someone can make something so respectful of the inspiration and so perfectly executed for a different game.

The entire layout is extended, with additions and connections that flow from space to space. Solid, strong and bold architecture is consistent, yet varies enough to still define each area. Bespoke textures and models show a level of professionalism that the author is now known for.

Bots will navigate most of the map. They have trouble with the Lightning Gun access, that is they do not pick it up and can not work out how to reach it. There are at least three ways to pick it up. A well timed fall is the quickest.

Treat yourself. Download and play this awesome release.

Ranked: 4.7 out of 5 (6 votes)

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