The Dark Zone - RMX
The Dark Zone - RMX by sst13
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BetaSlab Rep. 65
#3   25 Nov 2022
This was enjoyable to play. Entering the teleporter from behind will send you to a secret room where you'll soon die. I love the easter eggs but I often feel discouraged by the "sudden death" and lack of benefit in gameplay.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5756
#2   13 Jul 2022
not one of my favourite maps, the original and its remakes always feel a bit loopy like one's chasing one's tail. So was a bit apprehensive. agree - that the map feels like a completely original map while still preserving the feel. I like that sst13 avoided the dual teleport set-up. He's done an amazing job here. The wind tunnel to the quad is a nice touch.
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Whatscheiser Rep. 541
#1   12 Jul 2022
Like my last comment I made on an sst13 map. I've really got nothing but praise for it. The map looks downright impressive. Lighting, brushwork, skybox everything looks amazing and it plays great to boot.
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