Blue Planet
Blue Planet by M00nbot

Rings of corridors hover in space with a central shaft that will launch you towards the BFG 10K and a controlling location above.

In order to the reach the top of the map, you first need to navigate to the bottom. A corridor run is required to get to the access point that will take you to a lower ring. The tightness and the length of the corridors makes the Machine Gun a very powerful weapon until you manage to pick up anything more useful.

The layout and idea is creative and interesting. The visuals and brushwork is pretty simple. The author has made a number of unique textures which makes the map stand out next to any other space map. The gameplay is a little odd. It is both enjoyable and frustrating and the same time. There is an annoyance in trying to reach the central shaft time and time again, yet a huge reward when you do make it - especially if you manage to control the upper platform for a while.

Far from the best map, but really hope this author keeps making maps.

Tigs notes: This map is suitable and playable in OpenArena.

Ranked: 2.2 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: Blue Planet by M00nbot