demon pigs go hog wild
demon pigs go hog wild by Charon

There is no hiding this DM and Tourney release. A solid black base texture with white highlighted edges. The visuals are striking. The white highlights come from a cel shader effect and this is what gives the map shape. As you move through the map, the brush works is shown and you see the layout, the height, the stairs, the distance, it just all comes together.

Once you get to know the layout of the map, you realise it is not as complex as you first think. It is a good solid layout and games can be fun. There is no clipping and there are a few spots you can get caught up or even camp, but just ignore that and keep playing is my advise.

The bots do not see visuals and just play the map without a care. At first this may give them a small advantage over you, but it is not for long. The hardest part is spotting some of the player models against the black.

This release was made for the GeoComp2 mapping competition in 2002.

The experimental nature of this release may not suit everyone but it is still well worth checking out for the experience alone.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (3 votes)

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