Regret by Vamp1re

The map has a Quake 1 feeling (the portals, the lava, the stones). It's composed of two open chambers connected with corridors and platforms, with a design geared for a tourney mode. The brushes are very rough though, and it almost feels like a rushed map. A bit of more dedication (or perhaps experience, as this seems to be the first map produced by the author) could have yielded a very good looking scenario.

Unfortunately, the file comes without bot support (see below). I can only but speculate about the gameplay, which looks very promising.

There are many amazing tourney maps around and this surely had some potential of being a great map, but as it is, it is disappointing. A missing .arena file prevents the map from appearing in the menu system, another indication of a rushed development.

A shame.

Reviewed by raspatan

Bot and menu support: Thanks to EmeraldTiger for putting together a patch file to support both bots and the menu system.

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Regret by Vamp1re