DuNGeoN HuNTeRS v2.0
DuNGeoN HuNTeRS v2.0 by Hand & Fingers

A dark, tight, maze-like map consisting of the inside of an old stone keep. Connectivity is through the use of jump pads, teleporters and passageways.

The download included the Alternate Fire 2.0 mod but you do not have to play the level with the mod - it is completely optional.

All weapons are included but you have to find the BFG on the upper floor which takes a bit to figure out. There are several upper floor rooms one can perch on top and peer down to either 1 of 2 medium size connecting rooms where multiple passageways connect leading to some good fighting.

You can use the nooks and crannies to temporarily disappear and take a breather, then find ammo which is plentiful throughout the level.

Bots do well on the entire level finding and using all weapons including the BFG, power ups and armor. The sounds are unique and lend an eerie feeling of being in an old perhaps haunted stone keep.

There are several secrets that you can unlock to obtain items such as invisibility and regeneration and more.

I'm keeping this one on my hard drive. Give it a whirl! I think this map maker is on the rise.

Reviewed by bozina69

Tig's notes: A simple mod can be downloaded that turns this release into its own mod. Unpack the simple mod in to your baseq3, then unzip all of the main download in to the DuNGeoNHuNTeRS directory. This corrects the issue of having the Alternate Fire 2.0 mod enabled for all maps without the need to delete it manually. Want to play the map with and without the Alternate Fire 2.0 mod? Move dungeon_hunters_v2.pk3 to your baseq3 folder.

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: DuNGeoN HuNTeRS v2.0 by Hand & Fingers