DuNGeoN HuNTeRS v2.0
DuNGeoN HuNTeRS v2.0 by Hand & Fingers
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6432
#2   22 Jun 2019
I'm not really that into corridors and rooms and they can be a bit narrow/on the small side. But on the plus side unlocking the secrets and utilising the power-ups makes the level much more interesting. This is a fun map.
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bozina69 Rep. 74
#1   22 Feb 2019
The alt fire mod allows the upper room "skewer" to blow up ammo near it and if one is close by, it does cause damage. Alt fire also has all the alternate uses of each weopons such as Sticky mine ALT Grenade, etc.. The doors all open automatically with the exclusion of some such as the invisibility. One has to stumble upon the fact that shooting at a picture near the item one can hear a door open.
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