COLVMS by JonnYReds

A solid looking "space map" with an ancient Rome aesthetic, with some great use of custom textures to aid the architecture of colonnaded temples. The attention to detail also goes into the item spawns, with items such as Regeneration found in "mysterious ruins" and Heavy Armor that be picked up when using a jump pad to enter a "demon's" mouth.

Being the author's first map, it delivers in visual presentation and is a refreshing take compared to other space maps with a black skybox and textures used in the base game.

Where the map excels in visuals however, it lacks in gameplay as it is basically a Railgun map. The moment you spawn you instantly carry a Railgun and that is the only weapon that can be used in the map besides a Machine Gun and Gauntlet. While it is fun to use the Railgun in space maps, it is kind of disappointing that there are no other weapons to spice things up, making the map a bit boring. Ring outs are something that can happen frequently as it doesn't take more than a single slug to push a player off a ledge. The bots struggle to maintain positive scores, most of the time by jumping off the map on their own.

The map is fun for some rounds, especially if you can play this on Instagib. Otherwise, it might not be appealing for too long.

Reviewed by GuyNamedErick

Ranked: 5 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: COLVMS by JonnYReds