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COLVMS - Quake 3 Arena map - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE: COLVMS - by JonnYReds - Author: Rino --- Franciacorta --- Italy email: **email removed** - https://sites.google...ite/jonnyredsmaps EDITOR USED: Q3Radiant_200, Paint shop pro, Editpad, Pakscape NEW TEXTURES OR SHADERS: yes GAME TYPE: ffa_tourney FILENAME: jr_clv1.pk3 RELEASE: 2002 WEAPONS AND POWER-UP: (all players start game with Railgun and Armor Combat) - Quad Damage - Body Armor - Haste - Armor combat BOTS: Gorre - Major - Keel COLVMS Is one of my first maps for Quake3. In fact, the first version was much simple like draft, even if after all the basic idea has remained so. A starting point for a series of deep changes. Substantially Colvms is a "Space Map" with many Jump_Pad but it is easy to fall! Many shaders, effect scattered everywhere and custom textures. The setting is in ancient Rome, with colonnaded temples which are suspended in the space, connected by walkways, a tower with Jump_Pad conceals a trap. Also, the player can go in the jaws of the demon of the gladiator! There a temple with chains, where you find the Quad Damage. His movement up and down, in the middle of the map makes a sound creepy. There are temples that teleport directly in a misterious ancient ruins, of an outpost where there was a room for Regeneration. Finally, there are sound various effects. Perhaps because it was one of my first works, for the time that I spent for the draft this is a map that I put into my favorites:) INSTRUCTIONS: Unpack the file, you will find a PK3 file, put it in baseq3 directory. to start game go to the skirmish menu maps, choose the map. Have Fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STORIA: La Colvms una delle mie prime mappe per Quake3 infatti la prima versione era molto pi semplificata anche se tutto sommato l'idea di base rimasta tale. Una base di partenza per svariate modifiche,che l'hanno portata a come ora. Sostanzialmente la Colvms una "space map" con molti jump_pad occhio al volo facile quindi! Molteplici shaders ad effetto sparsi un p ovunque arricchiscono le textures custom. L'ambientazione in stile antica Roma con colonnati che formano templi sospesi in aria collegati da camminamenti, una torre con Jump_Pad che cela una trappola! un'altro proietta il player tra le fauci del demone del gladiatore!, dei piccoli templi materializzano direttamente in un antico e misterioso piccolo tempio per la rigenerazione. Ci sono infine degli effetti sonori qua e la, che creano una certa atmosfera. Forse perch stata una delle prime mappe, a cui ho dedicato parecchio tempo realizzativo, la Colvms la pongo nelle mie preferite. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This map and artwork are my personal works, realized for fun and passion, and are available for free for players that love this great Classic game Quake 3 Arena! Only on required written I can consent you to make modifications to my maps. You are not allowed to commercially exploit this maps and mods for profit in any way, including on a cd rom or any other medium that. You may distribute this through Internet, provided you include the .txt file included in each my map, leave the archive intact, and do not charge a fee for access to this files. Quake III Arena 1999 Id Software, are the authors and trademarks of their respective owner. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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