Goldleaf by Pat Howard

Pat Howard's talent has again produced an excellent map! Goldleaf is a visually combination of futuristic tech and Ancient Rome elements including the Roman number showing year of Quake 3 release - 1999. Using Evil Lair's evil8 texture set with some custom assets, like the fallen leaf decals or the year typed with Roman numbers, makes for a special atmosphere of the map.

Item placement is something Pat takes care on, he has also author of some guidelines for basic gameplay - so he basically has to place items conventionally to the rules he declared. If you take Red Armor, it is placed on highest level, but at a still vulnerable location. MegaHealth is sitting downstairs separated off the RA by a bunch of walls. Right next door there is a teleporter with Yellow Armor that takes you a level up in the same place. Layout itself is good, making easy strafe jumps and rocket jumps. There is a Battle Suit a level up above the MegaHealth, this will provide some protection to the player for 30 seconds.

Bot play is nice, smooth, no FPS drops were logged. They are a bit tough to beat, routing every area of the map.

If you are familiar with Ancient Rome style or futuristic tech, you will love this map.

Reviewed by CZghost

Tig's notes: This map placed 3rd in MapCore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest map comp.

Ranked: 4.7 out of 5 (15 votes)

Download: Goldleaf by Pat Howard