by Rota
Kora by Rota

Welcome back Rota. This release is really great and fun to play. The first thing that impressed me was the visual style. Reminds me of some abandoned industry facility. Dirty metal surfaces and plenty of rusty-brown pieces of steel awakes some kind of good feeling in me.

The layout is not bad at all. Feels like the downstairs area needs more space. Bots almost avoid going down and when they do, only pick up some goodies and return back to top by teleporter.

I like the Rail Gun being suspended in air and accessible only by a ramppad with a slight risk a few steps below falling down in darkness. The MegaHealth provides a solid cure and can really save you from dying. There is no Red Armor, but I must say it's not necessary as there are already two Yellow, one accessible via jumppad, the other in the middle sector. Quad placed on top of bobbing platform support is inconspicuous and it's grabbing can be done while no one is watching you. Good surprise.

It's quite detailed map and running through some sectors that have a long view can push the FPS slightly down. Although this release is outstanding for me and it only waits your download, so don't waste the time :)

Reviewed by CZghost

Tig's notes: This map placed 6th in MapCore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest map comp.

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (16 votes)

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