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January, 2014 ======== MAP INFO ======== Title: Goldleaf Filename: goldleaf.pk3 Gametype: FFA, Team Deathmatch, Tournament Genre: Tech/Byzantine Capacity: 2-6 players Bot Support: Yes Author: Pat Howard Email: **email removed** ========== BACKGROUND ========== Goldleaf was designed for the 2014 Mapcore Quake III 15th Anniversary Contest. The challenge was to create a map that plays in FFA mode with 4-8 players. I decided to create a fairly open, two-atrium indoor/ outdoor design with a lot of vertical action and S-shaped paths. The gapped bridge in the outdoor area holds a red armor and requires a high and vulnerable jump over the center of the room, which is an idea I have always wanted to incorporate into a design. This map was made in just six weeks, including two weeks of gameplay prototyping, and it is my largest map to date. The map is playable in tourney mode as well. Setting the gametype to tournament adds a YA, removes the battle suit, and takes away a little health. The visual goal was to create a tech theme, but without all the usual tech assets, e.g. crates, pipes, and vents. Instead, I wanted to create somewhat more classical roman/byzantine-inspired architecture and then find a way to texture it tech. That said, it's not all vaults, domes, and arches. I didn't hold myself back from including some futuristic geometry as well. The architecture of the outdoor area was heavily inspired by St. Bart's Church in midtown Manhattan, whereas the indoor areas were more of my own spin on the tech/classical fusion. If you sit under the big dome and listen very closely, you may just hear the hooting of the lonely old owl who lives in there :) Please send any questions/comments to the email address given above. ================ CREDITS & THANKS ================ SPONSORS: Mapcore Pixologic id Software CG Textures Ryan 'Thrik' Williams Jochum 'Hipshot' Skoglund SpronyvanJohnson JUDGES: Adam 'SyncError' Pyle Matthew 'Lunaran' Breit Ferdinand 'cityy' List Emile 'Obsidian' Ong FRIENDS & COMMUNITY: www.mapcore.org www.quake3world.com www.quakelive.com for support and encouragement - you guys rock! fKd & NSW for testing during development TEXTURES: evillair (e8, evildsi, e6) evillair.net/v3/ Hipshot (trees, terrain) www.zfight.com CG Textures (fallen leaves, roof) www.cgtextures.com Hazel Whorley (hw_lagoon skybox) www.hazelwhorley.com/ MODELS: Hipshot (trees) www.zfight.com Sock (plants) www.simonoc.com SOUNDS: juskiddink (leaves in the wind) www.freesound...ink/sounds/81188/ greither (lonely owl) www.freesound...er/sounds/115607/ ENGINE: id Software ydnar *** DISTRIBUTION / PERMISSIONS This map may only be redistributed with prior consent or submission of the author, Pat Howard. You may not alter the current state of this .pk3 file in any way without my permission. If this map is used as a base or starting point for another, you must credit me in your readme. *** Thanks for downloading!
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