Lost Space
Lost Space by T-kölök

Tigs important note: This map will produce texture errors in other maps. This is because the author has included (and possibly edited) shader files from the original game. This is always the wrong thing to do. If you download this map, please remove it or change the PK3 file extension to something like BAK when you are finished playing.

This is basically a remake of Lost World (q3dm13), except it is in space. The only differences are; there is a Personal Teleporter where the Medkit would have been, the GL has been removed and a RG has been added.

A floating platform bobs up and down, but has no real purpose.

Nothing worth downloading, unless you want a space version of q3dm13 with the Rail Gun.

Reviewed by dudephat

Ranked: 2.1 out of 5 (7 votes)

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