XPTEAM001 by Meteorkid & aluminium

An overly large, disjointed arena that often requires well timed or trick jumps to reach certain items. For example the Lightning Gun requires a Rocket and Plasma jump to be obtained.

The size, openness and the layout of the map suit the Freeze Tag mod, but this is far from a requirement. The author also states the map works with the Excessive Plus mod.

Mid size DM and Team DM games can be enjoyable against Bots and they even can be deadly with the Railgun.

The frame rate may drop in a few points due to high r_speeds. A common lag spot is near the Armor in the room with the pillars and jump pad.

If you find this map crashes your Q3A, try setting the com_hunkmegs variable to something like 128.

This map is easy to skip and has issues, but can be fun for a round or two.

Reviewed by 99ymx

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (2 votes)

Download: XPTEAM001 by Meteorkid & aluminium