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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * MAP INFORMATION * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE : XPTEAM001 FILENAME : XPTEAM001.pk3 AUTHOR : Meteorkid aka Michael hyman and aluminium DATE : 19/08/2012 GAME : Q3A (excessiveplus/or anything you see fit) TYPE :(FFA,TDM, Freeze,) EMAIL ADDRESS : **email removed** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * PLAY INSTRUCTIONS * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Copy "XPTEAM001.pk3" to your Q3/baseq3 directory 2. Select from the skirmish menu or type in the console \map XPTEAM001 3. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * AUTHOR's NOTES * MANIFEST * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (by meteorkid) This has being floating around of my HDD for a good year. It started off as a Map made by aliminuim who is a e+ mapper. When it came to me it was fairly bare bones and i added most of the visual detail and configure the layout so to improve r_speeds. Now i have released this map to tribute my good friend aliminuim. Sorry its a year late :) . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * SPECIAL FEATURES * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glowing shiz
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