AEon's DM7 Redux
by AEon
Title : AEon's DM7 Redux
Filename : map-aedm7.pk3
Map : aedm7.bsp
Version : 7/20/2012 (r252)

Author : Christoph A. Loewe (AEon)
Email Address : **email removed**
Website :

Description : Q3A - Medium sized FFA map
Very vaguely inspired by q3dm7, using a design
strongly inspired by q4dm1, with custom texture set,
custom sounds and plant models.

Levels by Author : AEcyrena, AEshake2 both for Quake II.
AEcantow, AEcthdrl, AEcube for Half-Life.
AEarena, AEsculpt, AEarcs, AEdm17, AEcap, AEpyra, AEtime,
AEdesert, AEneon, SolarAE for Q3A.
AEplat01, AEplat02, AEplat03, AEplat04, AEplat05,
AEplat06, AEplat07, AEplat08, AEplat09, AEplat10
for Q3 Platformer.
See under "maps".

* Instructions *

1) Extract map-aedm7.pk3 into your Quake3\baseq3\ directory.
2) Start Quake3.exe
3) Map will be accessible from via multiplayer menu, via create button.

* Play Information *

Level Name : AEdm7
Settings : Deathmatch (FFA, Team)

Single Player : Bots (7 bots suggested)
Deathmatch Player : yes (19 respawn points + 1 bot only spawn)
Difficulty Settings : Bots again

* Construction *

Base : Inspired by Q4DM1 (Raven) and Q3DM7 (id) and
POM by Sock.

Editor used : GtkRadiant v1.2.13 and v1.4
(v1.5 for plant model rotation only)

Map compiler used : q3map2 2.5.16

Build time : May 8th to June 8th 2006,
Nov 16th to Dec 5th 2009, and
July 11th to July 12th 2012 (plus time unlisted)
Spread out over 6 years... sigh.

Map build system : Old: P4 2.54GHz w/1 GB WinXP & X800 256MB
New: i7 920 2.67GHz w/6 GB Win7 & ATi HD5850 1GB

Compile Time : 8 s (-v -meta)
3 s (-vis -v -saveprt),
94 s (-light -v -fast -patchshadows -dark -samples 3 -bounce 8)
26 s (-bsp2aas -forcesidesvisible -optimize)

New Textures : evillair's eX 256x Textures - originally for Q4,
grate textures modified to work in Q3A (plus
shaders) by AEon. (

Skybox 'forest' by Mighty Pete.

Item/weapon respawn from decals from AEcell by AEon.

Greenery decals on walls and floors, DOOM gates,
plus the crate designs by Tabun. (

Effect for JPs, shader by Hipshot, based on SolarAE.

Conveyor belt texture and shader from thomasc4:
thomasc4_assemblyline_01 by T_Creutzenberg.

Plants, grass, vines, dirt, rock (terrain), greenery
textures and shaders all from Sock's Pyramid of the
Magician (POM;, used with

Glass texture (hd_glass_gold.tga) and shader used from
Sock's The Edge of Forever map.

New Shaders : Adapted most shaders and added many of my own.

New Models : Crate ASE models by AEon.
Plant models are part of POM by Sock.

New Sounds : "Free Sound" ( collected by Speaker:

Creation process : For those interested in how the map was created step by
step, the following Q3W LEM forum thread documents most
of the progress:

* Credits *

Thanks to id Software, for Quake III Arena.

Thanks to evillair for his great texture set, Might Pete for the skybox,
Hipshot's work on Solar (shaders), and T_Creutzenberg's texture.

A very special thanks go to Sock for letting me use his POM greenery. Without
his awesome work on POM, AEdm7 would be a quite dreary and boring map. His
plants and rock design concept made a huge difference in this map.

Thanks to the folks at the Level Editing & Modeling forums
for the constructive feedback and for helping me beta test this map.

* Legal Stuff *

This level is (C) 2006-2012 Christoph A. Loewe (AEon).
You are not to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product
without first obtaining permission from the author. You may not mass
distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited
to compact disks, and DVDs.

* Where to get more of the author's maps *
... and mirror sites.