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AEon's DM7 Redux
by AEon
AEon's DM7 Redux by AEon
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IconoDelPecado unregistered
#11   07 Mar 2019
This map have a problem when you play it in CPMA, because this mod doesn't support png files so the falling dust seems like a white brilliant light that don't make sense at all, Can someone fix that with a patch?
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Hipshot Rep. 164
#10   18 Aug 2014
I took a look at this again and I really like this map, socks plants really makes this level shine.
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CZghost Rep. 1214
#9   04 Aug 2014
Nice architecture, one area really reminds me Q3DM7 (the one with RL) :D The horny door prank is great :D It was scary to hear the door starting to creak :D I love secrets in maps, sadly, there are no secrets. It might be really nice and funny to include some easter eggs and secrets :) Bots play well, almost like humans. Only TankJr got stuck in QD pit, which was extremely easy to snap him out :D Oh, the most important: When you will make new map, ├ćon? I love your maps, it's a pleasure to play them.
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Bozo Rep. 20
#8   04 Jan 2013
I don't get it: Now someone makes a really nice map, surely put a lot of effort into designing the architecture, well selected the textures, items etc. and then finishes it with a blocky cheap looking sky texture that ruins the atmosphere for me. 7/10
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HDK! Rep. 180
#7   28 Oct 2012
Asombrosa textura!
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gooball Rep. 519
#6   28 Sep 2012
This is a good map! Though gameplay (IMO) could have been better. 8.5/10
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fKd Rep. 242
#5   11 Sep 2012
so much class, its been a long road sir. well played 10/10
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cityy Rep. 220
#4   29 Aug 2012
Might as well just be personal preference regarding AEdesert @ AEon :)
I was talking about visuals and consistency only.
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phantazm11 Rep. 51
#3   28 Aug 2012
I have loved this map for years. Both the gameplay and the aesthetics are terrific!
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AEon Rep. 313
#2   28 Aug 2012
Nice review cityy... but the map only has 2 teleporters... I dropped teleporters several years ago.

"200% improvement compared to..."... I admit the older maps mostly are no longer that great but AEpyra still holds up gameplay-wise (instagib) and AEdesert in regard to textures and design (gameplay is a bit spread out though)... IMO.

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FragTastic Rep. 926
#1   28 Aug 2012
Kinda has a Jurassic Park feeling whenever I play this map. Yet again AEon, your maps have proved us that they can totally get you addicted for hours and hours. Well Done! 7.5/10
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