Farkian by AiO.Wiz

This is tiny map with just three small areas. The texturing is kind of like the interior of a house and some of the textures used are cool, but the design and scenery seems extremely random. Also the construction is poor in some places.

There are no weapons present as far as I could see. There is ammo for the Machine Gun, a Red Armor, and a very small amount of health. An interesting choice for gameplay, but not be entertaining for too long, especially since the architecture in no way creates interesting battle situations.

The lighting is very bad; there are bright light circles visible everywhere and the lights are random colors.

You can jump out the windows from the table... and you are stuck for good.

There are many other problems with the map as well. Most people will not keep it for long.

Reviewed by naturalspringwater

Ranked: 0.4 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: Farkian by AiO.Wiz