Capitulo 1 (El florero de llorente)

Title: Farkian
Filename: Farkian02.pk3
Maps: farkian02.bsp
Email Adress: **email removed**
Player: AiO.Wiz
Home Page: 2sd-aio.blogspot.com


In the near future a war begins between "comunes" and
"corrientes", the weapons are umbrellas and a new
concept art weap called "tejo" that was designed for casual
players to experience from sound blasters to coords data
maybe the level is kind of a chatroom where players can
be up to get in to meetings to talk about bussiness, or to
get fresh in to action with energetic ammo, programmable
turrets, and vivid colors that convert the map into a hot-shot.


1) Extract farkian02.pk3 into your
quake3/baseq3/ directory
2)Start Quake3
3) Maps will be accessable from the multiplayer menu

*Playing Information*
Type of game:
Farkian02 - ffa & team DM
Settings: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch
Bot Support: Available 4-8
Level Name: farkian02
Singleplayer: Quest (WebCode-chat mode)
Cooperative 2-4 player: yes
Difficulty Settings: Easy

Computer: Intel 3GHz, 1Gb ram, 1gb video EVGA
Compile Time: 2.21Min. With Fullvis