Threewave - q3wpak2
Threewave - q3wpak2 by Various

The second official Threewave Map Pack for Q3A and Team Arena.

q3wc1 - Bletney's return by Thumper & DD: First CTF & CCTF map from second map pack. The map is symmetrical from center, also item placement is in symmetrical order. There are 5 weapons per team (10 in total), two Megahealths and four armors (two for each team). The Quad spawns in center of map. Textures have a war theme to them.

q3wc2 - Desert Cemetery by Hype: Map has an open desert and palace theme. Like the previous map, this one has center-based symmetrical geometry. There are 7 weapons per team (14 in total), two Megahealths. Four armors (two for each team). The Quad spawns in center of map, but there are also two Regenerations (one for each team).

q3wc3 - Heat by DD: A thermal power station theme and is not clearly symmetrical. Also uses a number of ID textures, notably lava or base trims. There are 7 weapons per team (14 in total), four armors (two for each team), two Megahealths and some Teleporters. There are two Quads (one for each team) and two Regenerations. A big fan is in center of map.

q3wc4 - The Dead Zone by DD: A pulse and electricity theme. The layout is perfect symmetry. Some underway catacombs can be found. Each of the four teleporters will bring you near the center of the map. There are six weapons per team (12 in total), five armors (two for each team, one is in center of map), two Megahealths, Regeneration and Quad. Catacombs are very dark, but each contains GL.

q3wc5 - Showdown by DD: This map is like a space base. Also, perfect symmetrical layout. Some nice details which you will notice in game. The map has no center, there is a void instead. Four weapons per team, four armors (two for each team) two Hastes spawn in open areas. Four teleporters can be found here. Heh, very good place for alien wars :D

q3wc6 - Twisted base by Hype: Classical Tech CTF map. Perfect symmetry once again. There is an exterior in center of map. 7 weapons per team are included (14 in total), you can find four armors (two for each team). Two Regenerations, two Hastes and a Quad. Megahealth is unfortunately under Quad spawn. There are two teleporters near Megahealth to get back to higher places.

q3wc7 - Wizard's Manse by DD: This map is in classic gothic style, and is not symmetrical at all. There are 14 weapons in total, 3 armors, one Megahealth, Two Quads and many teleporters. The corridors will confuse you head ;)

q3wc8 - Ultimatium by DD: Classic tech style and perfectly symmetry. There are 13 weapons in total (6 per team, one in the center), six armors (three for each team), two Regenerations and Hastes, some item placements are not symmetrical.

These are all enjoyable Q3A CTF map that will please any CTF fan.

Reviewed by CZghost

Tigs notes: A number of these map have been influenced from earlier id Software release as well as from the original Quake CTF. For example, Showdown (q3wc5) is a re-make of the final level of Quake 2, converted for CTF. Another example is Wizard's Manse (q3wc7), which has been heavily inspired by The Wizard's Manse (e2m5) from the original Quake release.

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