q3dmcod1 by KOHTPA

q3dmcod1, which you might have guessed by the filename, is a remake of a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map, in this case "Shipment" from COD4. Being such a different game from Quake and requiring different skills, you would expect something completely unplayable. Actually, this map provides some okay gameplay, but it is nothing fantastic or even good.

The map is a very small box, similar to Fatal Instinct (q3tourney5) but laid out differently. Inside this boxed area is an arrangement of rectangular shipping containers, most are closed but some have openings. With close examination, they are laid out in a somewhat symmetrical fashion, rather than hit-and-miss. There are also small barrels to take cover with.

Gameplay is almost completely two-dimensional, it plays almost like Dead Simple from Doom 2. Everyone starts out with a SG in addition to the usual MG and Gauntlet weapons. Some additional weapons like the GL, LG, and PG can be sought out for, but alas, no RL. The PG / LG are placed at the back inside shipping crates, and the GL is placed within a gap between two angled containers. For this reason, you must take caution in grabbing these weapons as anyone can easily give you a load of buckshot in the back while you aren't looking. There is a slight "king-of-the-hill" focus here, with a Regeneration spawning in the very center of the map. You can also grab the MH or RA, located once again inside shipping containers.

I say "almost completely" two-dimensional as one can hop atop some of the shipping containers. The problem is that it is tricky to do, at least with standard Q3 physics. In CPM, it is easier to do as you have ramp jumping and therefore you can just hop off the edges of the barrels and onto the crates. This degree of three-dimensional gameplay is minuscule, however, as there are no items to seek on top of these containers.

Being based off a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map you will expect a realism style, which is exactly what is done here. It is not a visual mind-blower, but it is decent enough - the author implements some small details like fans, etc. in the buildings and in some of the crates are teeny-weensy campfires.

Some technical issues also arise with this release. The author puts buildings within the background as well, which the player can not access. Looking behind them there is no caulking, which will cause the game to draw those faces unnecessarily. The clipping on the edges of the arena does not extend all the way to the top. Finally, the skybox does not touch the exact edges of the entire floor are, so the bottom of the floor is drawn as well when it should not be.

The author is getting more acquainted with the graphics department - he just needs to work on gameplay and fix those technical problems, and also create a map which is not a remake of another.

Reviewed by EmeraldTiger

Tigs notes: A simple Plasma Jump from a barrel will get you onto the cargo containers in standard Q3A.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: q3dmcod1 by KOHTPA